Betting on Horses

Horse races are some of the most exciting betting events in the world. Many people think predicting the winner or a top placer in a race is impossible, and occurs only because of luck, but there are many different ways to reduce the element of chance in your betting. It just takes some thoughtful research.

Being Smart When Betting On Horses

The only way to regularly win bets in horse racing is by having a lot of useful information available to you before every race. Don’t place uninformed bets, leave that to the amateurs and one-timers.

Some useful tips

  • Avoid betting on a horse that just moved up in class. He’s probably out of his league.
  • Bet on horses that have won races before.
  • Avoid over-hyped horses.
  • Keep an eye out for good value bets, not just for the “sure thing”.
  • A slow or heavy track means fast starting horses have a better chance of winning.
  • Don’t bet on every single race.
  • If a horse’s odds fall sharply right before the race starts, bet on it. This usually means someone has reliable information on the horse.
  • Horses that have run recently are favored over horses that have been off for a few weeks.
  • Give extra weight to an experienced jockey on races longer than a mile. A jockey’s skill becomes more important the longer the race is.

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Improve Your Chances With These Horse Betting Tips!

Betting on horses can be really fun and is always very exciting, but how can you improve your chances at the track? Here’s how.

Do some research, then do a little research, and finally do some more research. To separate yourself from the first-timer who just bets on the horse with the cool sounding name, you have to know about the horses that are racing. Does the horse perform better in sprint races or route races? How experienced is the jockey? What are the conditions that day? etc. etc.

It’s a good idea to pick a few value odds bets as well as a few horses that look like likely winners. If you’re following a horse that has been backed fairly heavily by information services or a computer handicapper, then the value odds will drop.

If you’re looking for a good tipster to follow, I recommend finding one with a lot of legitimate testimonials, and also that provides a backlog of previous tips. Judging them by their record is the only thing that makes sense.

Why Online Horse Racing?

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Horse Racing Glossary

  • PURSE – The amount of money offered for a race is called purse.
  • TURF COURSE – Grass Course.
  • MARE – A female horse of age 5 years and above.STICK – Rider’ whip or bat.
  • JOCKEY – A professional horse rider. A jockey must be at least 16 years old.
  • PADDOCK – Area where horses are kept before post time.
  • POST – Starting position from where the horse race starts.
  • POST TIME – Designated time for a race to start.
  • ON THE BIT – When a horse is eager to run, it is called on the bit.
  • FAVORITE – A horse who is expected to win the race.
  • FILLY – A female horse of age less than 5 years.
  • COLT- A male horse of age three or under.
  • BOLT – If a horse suddenly changes his direction on the track then it is called bolt.
  • BULL RING – A small race track normally less than a mile.
  • DEAD-HEAT – When two horses finish the race at the same time.
  • FOAL – A horse of age less than a year.
  • FLYER – A horse who is specialist in short-distance races is called flyer.
  • STUD – BOOK – A list of various thoroughbred bloodlines.

How to Bet Online On Horses

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Horse Breeds

Horses are described on the basis of the following four categories.1. Breeds 2. Types 3. Bloods 4. Purpose. Among all these categories, the most famous category is breed. People select a horse on the basis of its breed. Famous horse breeds are:

  1.  American Mustang Breed – They are also called the “symbol of the American West.” Their Average height is 14-15 hands. Normally they are in Bay, black, buckskin and grey color.
  2. American Paint Breed – This breed was introduced by the Spanish conquistadors. The American Paint Horse is an excellent horse for ranch work, rodeo, trail riding, showing, or simply as a friendly mount for the kids. American Paint Horses are easy-going, friendly and intelligent.
  3. Thoroughbred Horse – These horses are ideal for horse racing. The Thoroughbred horses were first bred in to England. These horses born in America in Spring.
  4. The Arabian Breed – It is the oldest horse breed. This breed is known for speed, strength, beauty and elegance in horses. They were bred by the ancient Arab tribes in 2500 to 3000 BC. They are also the ancestor of the Thoroughbred horses. Arabian horses come in many colors, grey, chestnut, bay, roan, brown, and occasionally black. Their normal height is between 14.1 and 15.2 hands and weigh between 800 and 1,000 pounds as adults.
  5. The Morgan Breed – It is the first American breed and the person of name Justin Morgan had bred this breed. The Morgan is used in both ridden and harness races. It is the ancestor breed of the standardbred, the Tennessee walker, and the American saddle horse breeds. At one time, the Morgan horses were the official horses of the United States Army.